How can i get involved with fire?

There are limitless ways to plug into what God is doing through Fire.  The simple answer is, you can participate, volunteer, donate or simply pray for us.  To learn more about where you may fit, please fill out the CONTACT form and we will gladly reach out to you.

Can I set up recurring donations?

ABSOLUTELY!  To set up recurring donations, simply let us know via the contact form and we will contact you directly to collect the needed information.

What is the refund policy?

All DEPOSITS are non-refundable.  Any payment made above and beyond the required disposition amount is refundable less a $25 processing fee until the start date of any event, trip, league, etc.

Donations can be returned with a $25 processing fee up to 14 days following the post date of contribution.


Is my information safe on your website?


Where do I find information about Fire adventure and Fitness initiatives?

Our web pages for Adventure and Fitness are still under construction.  Until those are done, please send an inquiry through the CONTACT form and we will gladly respond with answers to your question/s. 

How do i sign up for a basketball team?
Is there a girls AAU Team?

The Indiana Sirens are our girls AAU program.  They were born out of BBC and are now a thriving, independent organization that we are proud to partner with.  Sirens Website

Who can participate in Basketball trainings?

Our trainings are open for any player (male or female, young or old, experienced or brand new) that wants to grow in their skill and love for the game.  Please reach out to us via the CONTACT form with specific questions regarding your training needs.