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What is Fire?

Fire is a combustion that provides warmth and light.  And, it is a powerful, destructive force that can quickly overtake and consume everything in its path.   Fire as a metaphor, describing what motivates and drives us can have a similar effect on us as individuals and our communities.  It can consume us OR propel us.

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Every person, in every community, in every nation has a fire burning inside them.  At Fire Sports and Recreation, our purpose is to fan into flame a fire of community transformation and disciple-multiplication through life-changing, counter-cultural experiences and relationships in sport, fitness, and adventure.

Experiences not only shape our view of the world and our role in it, they also reveal to us the Good and bad in our own character.  They help us become who it is we are supposed to be…if we will only allow it. Sports, fitness, and adventure are all experiences that can be shared with others, in fact, they are best shared with others and help breed and strengthen relationships with people we might otherwise have nothing else in common with…even language and culture.

What We Do


 There are so many valuable lessons that can be learned from being part of a team and competing with and against others.  From “biddy ball” to the pro level, Fire helps athletes grow in their skill, relationships, and find their purpose.


TotalFit is an international sports fitness movement.  Locally, Fire helps individuals of all ages and levels of fitness achieve optimal health in community with others.



 Adventure is defined as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.”  It is a journey into the unknown. Fire takes individuals and groups to the edge of the known, out of their comfort zone and into the wild…to find themselves. 

How We Do It

To achieve optimal health is to care for every aspect of our life,     For Fire Sports and Recreation, this means we focus on not just      physical/practical elements of an activity, but the whole being, Body, Mind, and  Spirit.


Every area of focus for Fire starts with the body, getting in motion.  Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us to our destiny and we must keep them active.  


We believe there are three aspects of the brain that all need attention.  The physical brain, the emotional brain, and the intellectual brain.  Every activity, competition, expedition, training and practice are designed for participants to strengthen their understanding of how and why as well as to manage emotions and grow intellectually.


In training the spirit, we strive for every participant, athlete, coach, or volunteer to find faith in ONESELF, OTHER PEOPLE, and THE CREATOR. 

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