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Equipping athletes, coaches, sports-enthusiasts, referees, and families to grow from now to next!

What We Do

Open Gym

Our open gyms and scrimmages are FREE to all and are facilitated to help keep our games safe, structured, and fun. Less waiting, no monopolizing the court, teams are mixed throughout the time and there’s no need to “call your own fouls” or debate “who’s next”.

All facilitators are practically equipped and trained in our systems and methods of facilitation to build community through competition.

Group Training Sessions

Each week we have age-specific group training sessions. This is done in partnership with aspiring and professional trainers. Top-notch, expert training for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

All trainers are practically equipped in our training method and encouraged to bring their own unique expertise and experience into our group sessions. All trainers are part of a practical training cohort AND receive Bible handling and gospel integration training.

Shooting Sessions

Our individual shooting machine sessions give you 40 minutes of access on our state of the art shooting machine. In 40 minutes, you’ll get up to 400 shots up and have access to shot breakdown, stats, and a full library of workouts.

Personal Sport & Fitness Training Sessions

Our trainers are available for personal training sessions most days. These sessions are booked through our online portal and can be scheduled one at a time, or as a package (3, 4, or 6 sessions).

The personalized sessions (4 participant maximum) afford individuals the opportunity to work on specific skills, mechanics, and physical fitness aspects that meet their desires and needs. All sessions are custom built for those attending.

Competitive Basketball Teams

Competitive Teams are considered “travel” teams for player ages 9-18.  These teams  practice 4 times per month and play in (10+) multi-game, 2-3 day tournaments over the course of the spring/summer session (March-July).  Some teams will travel 2-3 times for out of town tournaments.  Other teams play an entirely local schedule.

Development Basketball Teams

Development Teams are local teams. These teams  practice 4-6 times per month , play in local, competitive leagues, and play in (up to 4) multi-game, 2-3 day, local tournaments over the course of the spring/summer session.

How We Do It

To achieve optimal health is to care for every aspect of our life,     For Fire Sports and Recreation, this means we focus on not just      physical/practical elements of an activity, but the whole being, Body, Mind, and  Spirit.



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Every area of focus for Fire starts with the body, getting in motion.  Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us to our destiny and we must keep them active.


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We believe that play, and fun together is just as important has honing your skills through training.  Our members will also receive exclusive invites and are encouraged to attend our open gyms and “pop-up” activities.


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In training the spirit, we strive for every participant, athlete, coach, or volunteer to find faith in ONESELF, OTHER PEOPLE, and THE CREATOR.

Our values


Every activity we do, practice, training, games, team meetings, family gatherings and experiential learning adventures is built to reveal and shape character, connect people, and strive toward greatness through competition and fun.

What is Fire?

Fire is a combustion that provides warmth and light.  And, it is a powerful, destructive force that can quickly overtake and consume everything in its path.   Fire as a metaphor, describing what motivates and drives us can have a similar effect on us as individuals and our communities.  It can consume us OR propel us.

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Every person, in every community, in every nation has a fire burning inside them.  At Fire Sports and Recreation, our purpose is to fan into flame a fire of community transformation and disciple-multiplication through life-changing, counter-cultural experiences and relationships in sport, fitness, and adventure.

Experiences not only shape our view of the world and our role in it, they also reveal to us the Good and bad in our own character.  They help us become who it is we are supposed to be…if we will only allow it. Sports, fitness, and adventure are all experiences that can be shared with others, in fact, they are best shared with others and help breed and strengthen relationships with people we might otherwise have nothing else in common with…even language and culture.

Our Mission:

At Fire sports and recreation, we strive to fan into flame a fire of community transformation and disciple multiplication through life-changing, counter-cultural experiences and relationships in sport, fitness, and adventure.

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